Flour of durum wheat Timilìa 25kg

Flour of durum wheat Timilìa.
It is an ancient Sicilian wheat, produced by organic farming. 
Suitable for the preparation of bread, pasta, cakes, pizza .
The wheats of Terre e Tradizioni.
The Timilìa is a type of durum endangered wheat, typical of the center of Sicily. It represents the biodiversity Sicil-Mediterranean and is the result of thousands years natural selection. The Timilìa has weaker gluten than the other wheat at “high yield”. The use of Timilìa allows us to create products with a low “gluten index”, with a lower structural force. Some studies of ancient type of wheat show a reduced allergenicity to people who suffer from gluten intolerance, other than celiac disease.
Art. code 799  Flour of durum wheat Timilìa