Terre e Tradizioni is the result of a story started at Raddusa (City of Wheat), a small town located between sulfur mines and gypsum mines in the rugged and sunny hills of central Sicily, where it produces wheat forever. 

Giuseppe Li Rosi, a farmer rebelled techniques unsustainable of modern agriculture, and renouncing at the iper productions. He begins an experience with ancient Sicilian wheats re-discovering some varieties including the prized Timilia (Tumminia). 

The meeting during the summer holidays with Angelo Suffia, a master pasta-maker emigrated years earlier from  Raddusa, generates in them the idea of enhancing the local grains turning them into pasta. 

Angelo, stubbornly, begin to identify the characteristics of the grains and, after several tests, Angelo succeeds where no one had ever attempted: to present on the market the first products made with Timilia, Maiorca,  Russello and Spelt Monococco which immediately arouses interest among the consumers. 

Giuseppe and Angelo never would have imagined that from that meeting summer in the town square, in front of a cup of coffee and old memories, would begin the biggest challenge of their lives: Terre e Tradizioni.

This is the story of  Terre e Tradizioni, a successful story, which has deep roots.