Why  eat the ancient  wheats?

In these past six decades to go to the grocery store has become an almost detective The man of today is faced with the dilemma of not being able to distinguish quality food... It's the same question he asked himself primitive man while experimenting the first foods. The man's Neolithic had to create a memory, while modern man must recover. The Rural Civilization still retains traces of the paths traveled by the farmers and one of these passes from the Mediterranean, Sicily. The ancient Sicilian wheats are a direct contact with nature, have not received mutagenesis induced with the cannon to gamma rays of cobalt. Furthermore they have a low gluten index, namely a Gluten less tenacious than the wheats "high yield ". Some studies on ancient wheats have correlated this feature with a lower allergenicity towards people suffering from intolerance to gluten, different from celiac disease. These wheats also enrich the table of flavors and smells that bind us to past. Eating ancient wheats means, also, to help farmers to reactivate their businesses and helps to protect biodiversity and the environment. Eat the right food heritage is an act indispensable because it re-establishes contact with its own memory and gene with the Planet. The men of Terre e Tradizioni have chosen to start their Opera using genetic resources land of Sicily and to represent the food traditions of Italy.